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Author: dvalin
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What wireless broadband software to use on Devuan?

On 20.09.23 10:36, wirelessduck@??? wrote a goldmine of
targetted concrete tips.
As modemmanager, which you've pointed me to, is in my outdated Devuan,

it will probably be in the new one I've yet to install. I'll make sure
it's there
before trying anything. (I do hope it does not rely on NetworkMunger,
as itis devil's spawn in my view. It is usually the first thing I
remove from a new
install, to get networking to work at all.)
The Sierra Wireless Aircard 320U is still available on Ebay for little
money,and Telstra allow BYO modem, so I think I'll give that a go. If
nothing else,
I'll learn from any failure along the way.

Entering the new (rural Gippsland) address into Internode's 5G
dialogue gives a "does not match our records", which may be their
way of confirming a human's "We have no presence out there." about two

years ago. I'll ask them again; their parent company TPG ought to have

something, hopefully. Whether that'd be NBN fixed wireless or 5G is
yet to
be discovered.
Ah, hmmm ... the alternative path of just going wifi to a separate box
almost sinking in. Over wifi, it won't know whether my OS is Linux or
whatsit, so compatibility concerns ought to spontaneously
evaporate.And if I only use that to reach one host, with wired LAN for
the rest,
then I can still interpose a firewall of choice. I'm warming to the
Grateful thanks, Tom, for your detailed and considered aid to my
On 20.09.23 20:03, onefang wrote:> Internode went downhill since they
where bought, which is why I left them
> for AussieBB.

Yah, well, now they're handing off email to some other mob, which
might even be a sign of them disappearing up their own exhaust pipe.
I'll probably have to take what I can get out in rural Victoria. When
200+ km from the capital, ISP presence thins out noticeably. Heck,
I might have to go with Telstra directly.
It'll have to be someone who's also present here in town, so I can
test the setup before making the move. Parachuting in without
comms support is a big tactical no-no.

Many thanks, guys, for all the pointers. It looks a great deal less
now that a bunch of the variables have been sized up, and found to
be smaller than feared. (AN ideal world would be much less MSW