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Author: Bob Proulx
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Hash errors when installing from daedalus
onefang wrote:
> Devuan package mirror herder here.

And thank you for doing all of that work! It's appreciated. :-)

> Bob Proulx <rwp> wrote:
> > I have been a long time user of apt-cacher-ng used with Debian
> > repositories. But I routinely see the above errors when using it with
> > Devuan round-robin mirrors. I never see it when using apt-cacher-ng
> > using the primary mirror.
> We try to avoid encouraging the direct usage of pkgmaster, since that
> would increase it's load, and get in the way of the other mirrors
> syncing.

Right. And I didn't want to encourage that either. But let's say one
used a single well connected package mirror such as your own sledjhamr
with apt-cacher-ng, or hopefully a close local one. Then I think it
might mostly work with only much smaller windows of time when problems
are possible. I can't say this always works because even when I have
seen failures it might go a long time between problems.

> > This leads me to believe, though I do not have facts to back this up,
> > that the round-robin mirrors are not atomically updated in a way that
> > provides a consistent view for downstream caching.
> I have a TODO item to write a syncing script to sort that out. But
> herding mirror admins is like herding cats.

The debmirror script can be used to update mirrors "correctly" such
that they are consistent before, during, and as they updated. I have
found it light weight and accessible. That's one possible tool.

The official Debian mirrors require use of the official ftpmirror
script. That's probably the way Devuan should go too.