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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
New-Topics: Re: [DNG] [OT] DNS issue; ERRATUM
Subject: Re: [DNG] [OT] DNS issue
Le 08/09/2023 à 07:18, Antonio Rendina via Dng a écrit :
> >      Thanks for your answer, but there is still something I don't
> > understand: the laptops also get their network configuration from the
> > same DHCP server of the ISP box; how is it then that they get an answer
> > from the additional DNS service offered by my desktop?
> I understand that DNSMasq has is own DHCP server. Did you check if the
> laptops are connecting to the this DHCP Server or the Access Point
> DHCP Server?

    I take the opportunity to tell that I checked Fennec's config and
it seems to have DoH disabled, as I'd expect.

    Maybe dnsmasq features a DHCP service, but it is not enabled in my
configuration. Not that this is like a systematic test, but, when I need
to ssh to the desktop and it is off, then I just power it and, after a
minute it's address name is resolved. I think I'd rather suspect the
thing works with Linux machines thanks to avahi-daemon. I couldn't find
anything on the web about the DNSSEC protocol on Android; this is
frustrating, but, after all, wifi on these engines is a goodie while
they are primarily designed for GSM.

--     Didier