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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2023-05-18
# Devuan meet 2023-05-18 @20:30 UTC

Present: golinux, altoid, fsmithred, hendrik

## Old Business
### golinux
- Setto and O'Beardly have connected and are working on arranging to
gather materials for a booth at the SouthEast LinuxFest in Charlotte,
NC next month. W00t!

- Regarding the Devuan conference thread on D1G which is stuck in the
doldrums . . . These are my suggestions for conference hack sessions
and speaker presentations:
1. How to build both the installer and live isos hands on ("bus
factor" insurance).
2. How to package for Devuan (ditto)
3. How to configure openrc or runit
4. Is the desktop dead? Demonstration of various window managers
5. Various virtual workspaces pros and cons
6. Devuan container images
7. KISS still rules!

### Daedalus Release

Debian Bookworm release is planned for 2023-06-10.

We need to be ready to follow with Daedalus as soon as practicable afterwards.

Who is going to take on:-

* [?] Send request to mailing lists for ISO testers <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* [plasma41] ISO testing
* [?] Release Notes <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* [Xenguy/xisop] Website
* [?] Torrents and magnet links <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* [?] Make CC.deb.devuan.org official? (bb|hcb)

What else is outstanding or needs attention?

- (gl) - Who needs to be added to the "Development Team" page
https://www.devuan.org/os/team for the Daedalus release?

    - Lars Noodén - imagemagick scripting for desktop theme DONE
    - Rob Pearce who updated slim?
    - Olaf Meeuwisse docker images?
    - and . . .?

### altoid

The issues I was having with jitsi when attempting to join the weekly
meet have (apparently) been solved/worked around.

A more or less complete description of the problem can be found in a
post at https://community.jitsi.org/t/microphone-camera-mic-and-audio-output-permisison-not-granted/123522.

My heartfelt thanks go to to plentyn who stayed till *very* late to
help me troubleshoot and to golinux who the next day helped me test a
number of options till we found one that worked.

We were able to narrow down the problem to the use of the
https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan address (a redirect) to join the meeting
held at https://open.meet.garr.it/devuan.

No idea if it is a jistsi limitation or some issue with dyne.org as I
have no way of testing that.

This happens (to *me*, YMMV) when using the latest available
jitsi-meet-x86_64.AppImage or jitsi-meet-amd64.deb files and it would
seem that it does not happen when using a browser.

I have not had any feedback from support@??? and unfortunately
the exchange at the jitsi community forum did not provide any leads.

I don't use (or want to use) a browser for jitsi as my experience with
that particular combination has been a total waste of time but if at
all possible, I'd suggest that the weekly meet be accessed *directly*
and not via a redirect.

In doing so, maybe (?) some of the issues other attendees have had
while using a browser with jistsi will go away.

## Old Actions

## New Business
### golinux

- Should we start using https://open.meet.garr.it/devuan rather than
forwarding from vdc.dyne.org/devuan? YES!!

- We are about to have 2000 registered users on the forum. Now at 1,996 . . . :D

### LeePen

#### backup.d.o

Fixed restricted root passwordless login for backups of aragosta and granchio.

#### [#758](http://bugs.devuan.org/758)

Initial implementation of [downloadable
changelogs](http://pkgmaster.devuan.org/changelogs) and other metadata for apt
and other package managers available for experimental, unstable and
daedalus. Suggestions and refinements welcome.

Working in apt and synaptic. Still doesn't work in aptitude due to
[#759](http://bugs.devuan.org/759) ⇒

#### Packaging

- ceres:-
    + debian-installer, choose-mirror, xfce4-session (prefer xscreensaver to
      light-locker to avoid pulling in lightdm)

## New Actions

- (gl) Request that the destination of the weekly jitsi meet be
changed from vdc.dyne.org/devuan to https://open.meet.garr.it/devuan
directly to eliminate connection issues that some users are having.
Note sent to Ben to change wording on the invite.