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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2023-05-11
# Devuan meet 2023-05-11 @20:30 UTC

Present: adam, plasma41, setto, golinux, plentyn, fsmithred

Regrets: hendrik, altoid

(altoid) when I try to join the meet https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan my
jitsi install (native .deb or appimage) deny me permission to enable
mic and camera. That does *not* happen when I try joining meet.jit.si
or any other meet.

- (gl) Maybe check your user groups?
Not a user group issue and maybe not even a permission issue as the
jitsi app says permisison denied but for 'unknown reason'.

plentyn stayed back and patiently tried till 20:00 local (-03:00) to
weed this out with me. 8^)

The problem happens only with *me* when I try to join the usual devuan
meet room. When I join any other room eg: https://meet.jit.si/Wombat
it all works as it expected. ie: we can see and hear each other, no
issues at all.

So ...
Stay tuned for the next episode.

# Old Business

### Daedalus Release

Debian Bookworm release is planned for 2023-06-10.

We need to be ready to follow with Daedalus as soon as practicable afterwards.

Who is going to take on:-

* [plasma41] ISO testing
* [?] Release Notes
* [Xenguy, xisop] Website
* [?] Torrents and magnet links

What else is outstanding or needs attention?

- (gl) Is slim ready for Daedalus release? Someone was working on it
but no updates in a long time.

- (LeePen) Last change was 1.4.0-0devuan2 at the end of January. I am
not aware of anything outstanding.

- (altoid) https://slim-fork.sourceforge.io/ posted: 4th February 2023
- Devuan "daedalus" (testing) has now been updated with slim-fork

## Old Actions

## New Business
### golinux
- Linux O'Beardly contacted me wondering whether he should have a
Devuan booth at the South East LinuxFest in Charlotte, NC next month.
Sent him an email to contact setto to arrange for informational
handouts etc. if he wants to pursue the idea.

### adam
- looking at improving raspberry pi images on arm-files.devuan.org
- boian fixed an IPv6 access issue I stumbled across for
arm-files.devuan.org - apparently an nginx config issue. he fixed it
like a hero.
- want to chase up olaf's docker container work to extend for arm
processors. have gitlab-runner working on arm, but needs some further
work to get successful build images. learning gitlab's env as i go ...

### LeePen

#### backup.d.o

Purged backups for fulcanelli, newtonia and nardoo.

#### Packaging

ceres and chimaera-security: updated base-files with retrospective fixup for
empty root password from recent refracta installations.

Other updates:-

- chimaera:-
    + debian-installer (Closes [#757](https://bugs.devuan.org/757))

## New Actions

- (plasma41) Test install ISOs