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Author: Hendrik Boom
To: dng
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Subject: [DNG] booting from a different drive; trouble with volume groups.
Do I have an old, small drive that I boot from, and a big drive that my entire system is on.
I'd like to get rid of the old, small drive that no longer has any real function except booting.
when I boot, the old, small drive ends up being /dev/sdb, and the big one is /dev/sda.
So I did
    grub-install /ev/sda
It seemed to go well.
But when I disconnected the old, small drive, and tried booting,
it did manage to start bootine, but got stuck in the initramfs conplaining that it could not fine volume group VG1.
Now that's the volume group that my entire system is on, except for /boot.  It's kind of essential.
And VG1 is on dev/md1, a currently defective RAID1 whose one good partition is /dev/sda2.
Npw the boot process recognised /dev/md1 properly, but coule not find VG1,
so initramfs tossed me into busybox so as to fix the problem.

The RAID assembles properly, presumably after starting the initramfs script, but not VG1.

I might add that everything is OK when I put the old, small drive back and boot from it. That old small drive is recognised as /dev/sdb, by the way.

So something is different depending on where it gets grub from.

What should I look into?

-- hendrik