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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2023-04-27
# Devuan meet 2023-04-27 @20:30 UTC

Present: altoid, plentyn, golinux, hendrik, fsmithred. jaromil

Regrets: plasma41, bb|hcb

## Old Business
### golinux
- I emailed stanz who is responsible for the mini-mimo derivative
hosted on gitlab where he claimed that "mini-mimo will be leaving
github soon!". No response. He has not updated anything on github
since Aug 10, 2020. His last visit to the forum was 2021-01-12.

- I chatted a bit with joerg about Maemo Leste (also on github) but
haven't had a chance to follow up. Seems we are not the only ones who
have noticed.

### hendrik
- I have been tinkering with the obsolete docuwiki from about 2018.
I am in process of making a read-only version of it at
httpL//topoi.pooq.com/hendrik by an automatic conversion to html.
Plan is, once I have experience with this, to change the code so as to
produce foswiki pages, Then massive revision to make it vibrant

## Old Actions

## New Business
### Plentyn
- golinux/Set/plentyn had a meeting about organizing a devuan
conference. golinux commented that there will probably not be enough
people there to warrant a conference. a quick discussion about how to
raise the number of participants in devuan followed. a number of
options were discussed.

    * host a hackathon with ungleich.ch
    * put up more booths at conferences

      - golinux - A more participatory event might be preferable to an
audience/presentation event because devuan needs to bring in more help
on the backend.

### LeePen

#### Amprolla

- Debian removed stretch from deb.debian.org, as advertised.

* Removed all ascii suites from `amprolla` and
* Added ascii to <http://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/dists/archived.README>

- Removed obsolete subtrees:-

* `amprolla:~amprolla/packages.devuan.org`
* `amprolla:~amprolla/amprolla-debug-parazyd`
* `pkgmirror:~vesta/packages.devuan.org`

#### Packaging

- ceres:-
+ netcfg
+ anna
+ apt-setup
+ base-installer
+ choose-mirror

#### Daedalus Release

Debian Bookworm release is planned for 2023-06-10.

We need to be ready to follow with Daedalus as soon as practicable afterwards.

Who is going to take on:-

* [ ] Request for ISO testers
* [ ] Release Notes
* [ ] Website
* [ ] Torrents and magnet links

What else is outstanding or needs attention?

- (anon) LeePen, when you mention torrents, are you asking about who
is going to handle seeding them? Asking for clarification

(LeePen) I really had in mind the creation of the new magnet links
so that seeding can occur.

(bb|hcb) I think that it would be a good idea to prepare as much as
possible in advance

(rrq) obviously a "magnet link" requires an existing "torrent file"
to refer to, which in turn requires a complete and thereafter
unchanging iso collection.

## Anon
A security hole has been discovered in the chimaera installer:
tl;dr : The root account is not properly disabled in the live
installer, allowing login via root Without a password.

### fsmithred
- Thanks and sorry for the error. Fix tested:
line 1809 refractainstaller, 1986 refractainstaller-yad:
chroot /target usermod -u root -s /sbin/nologin
Maybe better? passwd -l root <- in refractainstaller 9.6.6

## New Actions