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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Beowulf: who is chearing /run/user/<ID>?
Le 24/03/2023 à 15:19, karl@??? a écrit :
> Didier:
> ...
>>     I would say that having such a directory available is very
>> convenient, if the user has write paemission on it. /run is mounted on
>> tmpfs and is a very apropriate place to put small short duration files,
>> rather than on the SD card.
> Isn't that what /tmp and /var/tmp is for ?
> And if /tmp doesn't suffice, nothing hinders the local
> admin to set TMPDIR so something suitable for his/hers users.

    This is absolutely true if /tmp is mounted on tmpfs, which is left
to amin's choice. /tmp is typically used by Thunderbird to store
attached files, maybe also by other applications I admit Thunderbird is
maybe not a use case for Pi. Anyway RAM might be short to store such
files. Also, nowadays /tmp is cleared on reboot only if it is mounted on
tmpfs, otherwise you should manage it yourself but you can prefer let it

    If the admin decides to put /tmp on mmcblk0, then there is still
/run to store very small files. Since /run exists anyway, why not make
it available to the user? There is no cost in doing that.

--     Didier