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Author: onefang
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Icinga on Devuan
On 2023-03-16 00:17:22, wirelessduck--- via Dng wrote:
>    Does anyone else here use Icinga on Devuan?
>    Unfortunately it appears that Icinga now only supports systemd :/
>    https://github.com/Icinga/icinga-packaging/issues/281#issuecomment-1467812432
>    Tom

I'm using Icinga on Devuan Chimaera fine, it comes with a SysV init
script and no systemD.

That bug report says Icinga2, which is also in Chimaera, but I've never
installed it. I dunno what this icingadb thing is, don't think it's part
of Devuan, at least not as a seperate package that I can find.

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