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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] [SPAM] Re: runit: unclean shutdown?

On 13/3/23 19:41, capercally.bleery670@??? wrote:
> There was a "recent" (on my scale, ie. within 10 years or so:) change in
> Debian where sshd is*not* killed along with all the other daemons in
> the K scripts.

You should have the following scripts for sshd in your system:

 - /etc/sv/ssh/run
 - /etc/sv/ssh/finish

So, the scripts for sysvinit (including the aforementioned k script) are ignored [*].
If the above scripts are missing, then reinstall "openssh-server". Otherwise, you can
verify that it works as expected with the commands:

# sv stop ssh
# sv start ssh

> Wonder if that might have something to do with this, as
> killing all the daemons indiscriminately seems to help.

If `sv stop ssh` succeds, stop ssh before halting the system and see
what happens.



[*] Have a look at the lines:

    [ -d "/etc/sv/$name" ] && continue
    [ -d "/etc/sv/$name-daemon" ] && continue

in "/lib/runit/run_sysv_scripts".