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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] vdev status update in chimaera

On 10/3/23 0:37, aitor wrote:
> Hi,
> Years ago Jude Nelson announced that he was going to migrate his
> production machine to using eventfs with libudev-compat. Once he was
> satisfied that it worked as expected, he would begin packaging all of
> vdev's components for devuan. But finally he left this eventfs
> integration pending to do, or at least untracked on the project's Github.
> As he explained in the mailing list, eventfs is a specialized
> userspace filesystem that replaces the udev-to-libudev event multicast
> protocol, which is currently based on netlink. Eventfs fulfills an
> equivalent role, but it does so in a portable manner in userspace, and
> it abstracts dealing with message multicast groups as dealing with
> files and directories with a few extra rules.

Sorry, the message isn't complete. I was still writing it, and I sent it
in error.