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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Online website construction roundtable Wednesday, 2/1/2023, 7pm Eastern Standard
Hi all,

Wednesday, 2/1/2023, there will be an online website construction
roundtable. Who's at the roundtable? Everyone at the online meeting:
We're looking for all viewpoints, including but not limited to direct
editing of HTML, zen-coding editors, WYSIWYG editors, web construction
via wordprocessors like Abiword and Libreoffice, Bootstrap, Rails,
Django, Bottle, Flask, PHP, Wordpress, Facebook, Drupal, and all the

This is at the monthly GoLUG meeting, so the URL is:


Once again, it's a website construction roundtable consisting of all
participants, and it happens Wednesday, 2/1/2023, 7pm Eastern Standard
time. Hope to see you there.


Steve Litt
GoLUG Publicity Director