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Author: karl
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] About the /usr merge
> Is it at all necessary or is it like systemd, another one of LP's
> missions to screw up everything Linux that his acolytes insist on
> shoving down our throats?
> Maybe it is time to revert this /usr merge thing and carry on as we
> were before someone had this bright idea than no one seems to want to
> put to use.

There is an old thread somewhere describing how people on debian
tried to keep the /usr split, but since more and more thing being
entangled in each other that made that painful (in some sense).
Also there was descriptions of strange connectivity thing involving
wifi networks.

So there seems to be some honest work done but it was deemed

My guess that the /usr merge is to handle (from a distributers view)
all kind of installations in a sane manner, especially for laptops.

For a stationary box, the only thing I can think of is new and more
dependancy of libs, regardless if you need them or not.

/Karl Hammar