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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] running with separate / and /usr
On Sun, Jan 15, 2023 at 09:18:55PM +0200, Boian Bonev via Dng wrote:
> ...
> > The only way to keep the non-merged /usr in devuan is to:

It may be worth to point out that most packages still install into
/bin or /usr/bin etc in the way they have used to. Anf the daedalus
preview installer still prepares a "no-merge-usr" filesystem.

So far I'm only aware of the one case where a program in one package
referred to a /bin/ program via it's "merged-usr alias" in /usr/bin/,
but I'm sure eventually there will be more; not all developers will
keep a diligent eye on which installation path programs have, and they
end up using pathnames based on how the programs happen to be
sprinkled in their own system. And most likely developers eventually
start using installation paths likewise even without having a
purposeful idea of "breaking" a no-merge-usr system.