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Author: o1bigtenor
CC: Devuan ML
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] trying to do a chimera netinstall
Subject: [DNG] Now - - trying to do a Deadelus netinstall (was trying to do a Chimera netinstall)

This has become quite an odyssey!
I started by trying to do a chimera netinstall on a Lenovo e100 gen 2 laptop.
Found that the 5.10.x kernel in Chimera just doesn't want to play nice with
the eMMC ssd in the laptop.
Went to the Deadalus netinstall and thought I had a winner.
Silly me - - - - found some other 'fun'.
(Trying to use a Canadian multilingual keyboard - - - you then no longer have
a pipe symbol where it is written on the keyboard - - - - so back to American

Then well into the install - - - except the install halts at the screen :
"Preparing to configure devuan-keyring (amd64)"
and it sits there (and sits there and - - - you get the picture).
Tried a second time - - - still parks there.
Did some searching and there was a suggestion that if your system
clock was out there could be issues with getting the keyring to work.
Back to the laptop - - - - date set to sep 2020 and time off a bit.
Reset both with time as close as I could (40 odd seconds out - - - -
its not an easy to use clock!!). Time to try again.

Well - - - - now this is a 4th attempt and I'm still locked at the
keyring configure.

My netinstall software is NOT new (from early 2022 (April 11th in fact)).

Is that the issue or is there something else?

Please advise.