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Author: o1bigtenor
To: Antonio Rendina
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] trying to do a chimera netinstall
On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 9:05 AM Antonio Rendina via Dng
<dng@???> wrote:
> At first sight, looks like the kernel does not support the drive, maybe
> you need a newer kernel or maybe you need to load some module and we
> have to discover which module you need.
> You should dig in using tools like lspci, lsusb and lshw and understand
> what modules you need to load. lshw tells you the module/driver loaded
> with the hardware that you are running. lspci -v does the same.
> Before starting the installation, try to install a live iso, so you can
> gather information about the hardware, then if you post the results of
> the hardware we can try and help better.
> With this information is quite difficult to get what's going wrong.
> Because we have to guess.

Am in process of setting up another usb stick with systemrescue9.0
which I think should qualify as a live iso.

Suggestions as to where to dig/look for things?

(I have been trying to find the sdd but to no avail in the busybox version
with the installer.)

Thanks for the suggestion!

(This may take a bit - - - sorry!)