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Author: Klaus Ethgen
To: Mark Hindley
CC: 732
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#732: Every update kills system as library is not in /lib
Hi Mark,

Am Di den 3. Jan 2023 um 9:08 schrieb Mark Hindley:
> First of all, I want to make it clear that I am sympathetic with your concerns.
> On Mon, Jan 02, 2023 at 11:13:31AM +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> > Package: libpcre2-8-0
> > Version: 10.42-1
> > Severity: critical

> Whilst Devuan has not forced merged-usr, I am unsure how long that approach will
> be feasible. I fear, not long.
> I greatly regret Debian's decisions in this area which seem to me to place dogma
> above supporting existing systems for little practical benefit. However, that
> ship has sailed.
> Yes, Devuan *could* fork this particular library, however, it is likely to be the
> first of many and I am not sure that is a viably approach for Devuan to take.

The decission in Debian is caused by systemd and the folks around not
understanding the reason for having important libraries (and binaries)
in / instead of /usr. It is simply a form of ignorance.

When it comes to the libraries that are already broken (but could be
fixed with dpkg-divert) are the following:
- libargon2-1
- libpopt0
- libkmod2
- liblz4-1
- libzstd1
- libjson-c3
- libjson-c4
- libjson-c5
- libssl1.1
- libssl3
- libaio1
- libacl1
- libattr1
- libuuid1
- libblkid1
- libelogind0
- libmount1
- libedit2
- libbsd0
- libmd0

I think, it could be doable to fix that packages. Even more as most of
them was in /lib in the past. So it was a active form of sabotage of

There could be even a package setting up that diverts en mass to fix

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