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Author: golinux
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Partial workaround for ARM64 Image building
On 2022-12-12 16:41, john faulk wrote:
> Afternoon,
> I figured out how to at the very least be able to convert the ARM64
> iso's
> to isohybrid on the same system they're built on. It involves some
> simple
> wizardry on the host system, installing qemu-user-static and installing
> syslinux-utils from the amd64 repository. Sadly that means I have to
> run
> the command manually, but, at least we have some sort of solution.
> If anyone wants to have their hands on the Netinstall or Desktop ISO I
> have
> built for ARM64 for their own independent testing, please contact me
> and
> tell me how you would like to have it transmitted to you
> -John


Why not put them in your git space? Isn't that what it's for?