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Author: Clarke Sideroad
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] an AI opinion about systemd
On 12/7/22 14:15, Jaromil wrote:
> dear dng'ers
> just for fun and to my great surprise, today I asked chatGPT about systemd
> the oracle AIsplained me...
> Systemd is a software suite that provides a number of system management services for the UNIX ecosystem, such as process and session management, system logging, and network configuration. While systemd has been widely adopted by many UNIX-based operating systems, it has also been criticized for bringing a dangerous centralization of services to the UNIX ecosystem.
> One of the main criticisms of systemd is that it creates entangling dependencies throughout the system. This means that different services and components of the operating system are tightly integrated with each other, and rely on each other to function properly. This can make the system more complex and fragile, as a failure in one component can have cascading effects throughout the system.
> Another criticism of systemd is that it creates a design lock-in, where the operating system is tied to the specific design and implementation of systemd. This means that other system management services cannot be easily used with the operating system, and developers are effectively forced to use systemd if they want to provide certain services. This is seen as a dangerous centralization of power, as the design and implementation of systemd is governed unilaterally by the developers of systemd.
> Overall, the centralization of services brought about by systemd has led to concerns about the complexity and fragility of the UNIX ecosystem, as well as the potential for a design lock-in that is governed by a single group of developers. This has led to calls for alternative approaches to system management in the UNIX ecosystem that are more decentralized and flexible.

Maybe people, even virtual ones, are coming to a point of enlightenment
about the mess that systemd has made of many Linux distributions.

I looked at this today:
and read the referenced paper and instantly thought of systemd. Then I
came here and this posting put a smile on my face.  (-: