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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2022-11-10
# Devuan meet 2022-11-10 @20:30 UTC

Present: fsmithred, rrq, Hendrik, bb|hcb, plasma41, golinux, bgstack15
Regrets: LeePen

## Old Business

## Old Actions

### golinux
* closed funky OT forum thread

### LeePen

#### ci.devuan.org Updated, including jenkins to stable version 2.361.3.
Added package builder source check that d/changelog has the correct

#### Updated packages
* ceres: colord
* beowulf-security: tomcat9

#### Amprolla
* [pytest
  now covers all significant functionality. It requires python 3.9.
  Amprolla subhost is still beowulf so 3.7 and needs updating to
  chimaera. I am now more confident that should not break anything and
  propose to do that next week. (bb|hcb) I can do the upgrade, we can
  coordinate on IRC about suitable time
* [Reworked and
  Although there are lots of code changes, there are only very minor
  function changes:-
  * Run time is now formatted to 2 decimal places
  * Oldpackages log identifies source packages with src: prefix.
* Both branches are merged into
  the other recent updates running on the test instance. Review,
  comments and more test scenarios are welcome.
* Still to do:-
  * There is still an unresolved issue with handling the built-using
    upstream sources that are in ascii. I am working on a test case for
  * I am still considering adding some notifications to irc, say
    #devuan-ci. Thoughts?

### bb|hcb

#### Devuan's email migration complete
* Combined effort by amesser, rrq and me
* Two subhosts - `email` and `webmail`
* Web/IMAP/SMTP access
* Web interface allows to change the password
* Thanks to the timely assistance from nightolo (@dyne) all mail content
and accounts were copied to `email.devuan.org` and the whole process
went quite smooth
* `bugs.devuan.org` and `popcon.devuan.org` were migrated too (their
mailbox contents were not transferred)

## New Business

## New Actions
* (rrq) set up backup email and webmail
* (gl) Thanks!
* (bb|hcb) rework default gateway setup for subhosts
* (LeePen) who is going to check owner@???, or we can
redirect that somewhere