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Author: Simon Hobson
To: Devuan ML
Subject: Re: [DNG] Configuring ethernet port for IPv6
Curtis Maurand <curtis@???> wrote:

> I think this is all great right up until you need a fixed address for something like a mail server or a web server.

That is no more of a problem with IPv6 as it is with IPv4 - if you have a “poor quality” ISP that doesn’t do fixed addresses then you have a problem with anything that needs a fixed(dish) IP.

> So far, I've found IPV6 to be unreliable.

In what way ?
I’m not currently running IPv6 at home as I’ve not got round to reconfiguring the network to use my own (pre-systemd Debian, Linux VM) router, and the ISP supplied router doesn’t have the option to forward (IIRC) GRE needed to make my HE tunnel work.
But in the past when I have had IPv6 running, it’s worked fine. I didn’t run my email over IPv6 for the simple reason that at the time, there was one element of my software stack that didn’t fully cope with it. Again, not found time to update everything - I believe that one issue was fixed a while ago.

Going back probably around 10 years, I enabled IPv6 on our office network and waited to see if anyone noticed - no-one did, and we didn’t start experiencing new problems.