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Author: Amir Taaki
To: System undo crew
Subject: [unSYSTEM] Lunarpunk and the dark cycle thesis

This is a video by rekt based off an article we wrote last year:


Basically the state and crypto are in a feedback loop that will lead to
further radicalization and strengthening of the core ethos.

Ultimately it will end in their demise but not without martyrs along the
way. This will be like the torrent wars on steroids.

Our community is still nascent, but everyone here is welcome to join us:


We have so far:

* Anonymous p2p chat
* p2p encrypted tasks
* p2p encrypted wikis
* Anonymous transfers & ZK smart contracts

In the works:

* Anonymous accounting / triple entry
* Anonymous DAO
* Anonymous swaps


* Marketplaces
* Trading

We are also developing our research capacity, shaping the emerging
anonymous engineering paradigm and creating new cryptographic primitives.