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Author: wirelessduck
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Openvpn CVE fix in devuan chimaera

I saw https://bugs.debian.org/1008015 on the Debian BTS which mentions it was found in openvpn/2.5.1-3, openvpn/2.5.5-1 and fixed in openvpn/2.5.6-1.

Devuan chimaera still has openvpn/2.5.1-3+devuan1. Debian bullseye is also still showing openvpn/2.5.1-3 on packages.debian.org/openvpn.

How can I check to see if this patch has been applied to the devuan package?

Also, where do I look to see the differences between debian and devuan packages? I checked git.devuan.org in the suites/unstable branch of devuan/openvpn but that just looks like merge from Debian without any extra patches applied.