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Author: Syeed Ali
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] fdisk SD card partitioning question
Subject: [DNG] [OT] Flash memory testing on Windows (was: fdisk SD card partitioning question)
As there was some discussion of fakes. At your own risk and if you
have access to Windows there are some good tools to low-level verify
either for a fake or bad bits on USB/SD storage:


"USB Flash Drive Tester"

You might also want to try low-level formatting tools.

The SD Association has a formatter for Win/Mac

The download link on that page is currently broken, but this link works:

I have old formatting tools from Lexar and HP but I can't find their
official sources.

Be aware that low-level tools might render your item unusable until
re-formatted with other low-level tools. I recommend you do read tests
before write/format efforts.

Years ago I bought a 1 TB USB stick for $10 CAD. At the time this was
an impossible price for impossible storage so of course it was fake,
but it amused me to test for and flag bad sectors as unusable to get it
working. I got over 300 GB to verify as usable which was still