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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] libudev-compat documentation (Was: Remarks on vdev, Eudev, Mdev)
Hi Didier,

On 8/1/17 22:22, Didier Kryn <kryn@???> wrote:
>       As far as I understand, Vdev goes beyond being an alternative to
> Systemd-Udev: it also aims at providing the possibility to give a
> per-process view of the device special files - I personnaly haven't any
> need of that. Its implementation differs strongly from Udev, which makes
> it necessary to have a different library for applications (libudev-compat).

>       For what regards complexity, I cannot tell which one is the most
> complicated. The biggest problem for me is that none of these tools has
> set an obvious standard on how to pass information from the hotplugger
> to the applications invoking the library.

The post I'm replying to is extremely outdated, but it's related to what I'm doing right now.
I started documenting libudev-compat in my website as part of the documentation about vdev:

https://www.gnuinos.org/libudev-compat/ <https://www.gnuinos.org/libudev-compat/>

The documentation is a work in progress. If I'm mistaken on some point, please, let me know.

Next step will be to explain why Jude Nelson suggests the use of eventfs:

https://github.com/jcnelson/eventfs <https://github.com/jcnelson/eventfs>

in libudev-compat clients.

> Another issue is that the
> library provides functions for the use of the hotplugger itself and
> functions for external applications, and it is not obvious which subset
> is destinated to external applications.

Yes, it is obvious. The subset destinated to external applications is indeed public, and the
following list include them all:

https://git.devuan.org/aitor_czr/libudev-compat/src/branch/master/src/libudev/libudev.sym <https://git.devuan.org/aitor_czr/libudev-compat/src/branch/master/src/libudev/libudev.sym>

You'll find the prefix _public_ in their implementation.

Feedback on the documentation is welcome, of course!