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Author: Fred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] mouse driver question
On 5/12/22 03:15, karl@??? wrote:
> Fred:
> ...
>> With xev, buttons 1 and 3 are correctly identified but the middle button
>> is randomly assigned 4,5,6 or 7. Possibly this is the problem as I know
>> the application is expecting button 2.
> Maybe it is the desktop environment or the window manager that messes
> this up.
> Try installing and using fvwm1 or something of similar age instead of
> what you are using currently and do the same test, or if you know how,
> run bare Xorg.
> ///
> It can also be the xserver config if you happens to have a xorg.conf
> that is picked up by X. Configs like buttonmapping and things related
> to emulateweel can mess this up. Look in man evdev (or man mousedrv).
>   Look in your X11 log file for clues:
> $ man xorg | grep -A8 ' -logfile'
>         -logfile filename
>                 Use  the file called filename as the Xorg server log file.  The
>                 default log file when running as  root  is  /var/log/Xorg.n.log
>                 and  for  non root it is $XDG_DATA_HOME/xorg/Xorg.n.log where n
>                 is the display number of the Xorg server.  The default  may  be
>                 in  a  different  directory  on some platforms.  This option is
>                 only available when the server is run as root (i.e, with  real-
>                 uid 0).

> Regards,
> /Karl Hammar
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Hi Karl,
I don't use a DE, just openbox and xterm. The regular scroll wheel
mouse works correctly in both xev and the application. Button 2 is
identified as 2 so I contend it has to have something to do with
program(s) run to use the serial mouse.

xmodmap -pp shows the buttons mapped correctly with both mice.

The Xorg.log file has entries for USB Optical Mouse, Mouse Systems mouse
and Sun mouse (when I gave that protocol to inputattach and gpm) but
nothing about mouse buttons.
Best regards,