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Author: Boian Bonev
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Making the Devuan package mirrors DNS-RR better.

> In general, can everyone please check
> https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/mirror_list.txt and let me know of any fixes
> needed.
> CountryCode: is the country code I figured out from the country the admin
> told us they are in.
> DNSRR: is if you want to be in the DNS-RR.
> Rate: is the update rate mentioned above.

Let's also consider adding a DNSRRCC field that will show the mirror's intent
to take part in the country code round robin.

This implies that the mirror will be configured to serve
http://CC.deb.devuan.org/merged/ where CC is the respective country code.