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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2022-01-20
# Devuan meet 2022-01-20 @20:30 UTC

Present: hendrik

## Old Business
* (golinux) SPF problems again with lists.dyne.org FIXED!

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen
* Updated packages in ceres: procps, util-linux, network-manager.
* I have finally worked out how to merge d/changelog without conflicts
when updating a forked package (use dpkg-mergechangelogs(1) as a
custom handler in git). This means it is now possible to script the
process for uncomplicated upgrades.

### onefang
* Do we have official Devuan infrastructure somewhere other than
  Australia and Europe?  I want to park an apt-panopticon instance
  somewhere more geographically diverse.  So far we got one in
  Amsterdam, one in Sydney, and one in France.
  * Amsterdam one is my sledjhamr.  Not actually officially Devuan.
  * Sydney one is rrq's borta.  It's a bit underpowered, set to run
    every hour, rather than every ten minutes like the others.
  * French one is veritas.  I think it's in France.
  * (bb|hcb) There are DNS instances in India, Russia and Bulgaria; My
    opinion is that separate VMs will be better, but only in Bulgaria
    there is IPv6 deployed
    * Yes, IPv6 will be needed.
* So one in one of the Americas would be good, and one that can handle
  running every ten minutes in Asia / Australia / New Zealand.
  * I'm waiting until after Australia Day (26th January) to hear from
    someone else in Sydney that has a server I can use.  It wont be
    official though.
* Still working on getting apt-panopticon more robust.  I've been doing
  too good a job of avoiding work lately.  lol

### bb|hcb
  * Fixed some internal redirect loops on galaxy; also increased the php
    worker count. Added a permissive robots.txt and an index.html that
    redirects to /
  * Added (harlock.dyne.org) to devuan.org SPF

### golinux
* the init freedom brouhaha . . . My suggestion for possible rewording
  https://transfer.sh/CeUT0r/if-rev3.png You'll need to download to view
  properly because the BG is transparent.
* Someone is working on Daedalus theming. Here's a hint
  https://transfer.sh/EVRWD7/desktop.png  Do we want such a radical
  change? Or do we want to just recycle existing themes with per release
  branding? Obviously something to think about.  No action required at
  this time.
  * This is where I was thinking of going
    https://transfer.sh/7ibptm/60-55-20-A.png searing Mediterranean sun
    and all. I just can't do it anymore . . .

### rrq
* polished installer-iso to handle iSCSI disks OOTB; (iscsid requires

## New Actions
* golinux prepared "if" emblem with correct color
* Xenguy: will update "if" emblem on www and change one small snippet of
text. DONE!