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Author: Kaz Kylheku (gmake)
To: mirabilos
CC: Alejandro Colomar (man-pages), Randy Westlund, Ian Jackson, Vincenzo (KatolaZ) Nicosia, linux-man, Alejandro Colomar, Debian Ecosystem Init Diversity Team, help make, Adam Borowski, Benda Xu, Devuan (Debian is Not GNOME), Mark Hindley
Subject: Re: [DNG] make-rc: A parallel (as in make(1)) alternative to sysv-rc
On 2022-01-08 03:43, mirabilos wrote:
> Bah. How often do you boot a unix?

Boot time optimization is very important in some embedded applications.

A powered-up device is expected to come into service ASAP basically.

Some devices are powered up every time whatever they are embedded into
is powered up, and have to provide some important function to that
host environment.