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Author: Dev Null
To: Pavel Machek
CC: Merlijn Wajer, maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Phone support on Droid 4
> Would you be willing to review/apply few patches?

Yes ofc. thank you that looks good ill apply it
I would prefer merge requests on gh atm, but patches are fine too.
Note that im currently rewriting the sms stuff to include per contact
conversations, so maybe not focus on this area.

> I started wiki page on this, at https://leste.maemo.org/Status/Phone .

Thanks any documentation is very helpfull at this time

Regarding the contacts button and the spinner, this goes to a plugin
that handels opening a contacts window, eventually this shal be
osso-abook but thats not ready yet. The only implementation availble
atm is the contacts-ui-exec module see:
This just execs an external program to show when the button is pressed.
this module can be loaded and configured in /usr/share/sphone/sphone.ini
i use gnome-contacts which works fine in concert with sphone as an
interem solution.

i would also reccomend configureing evoltion-data-server, loading and
configureing the sphone module contacts-evolution to allow sphone to
show contact names in place of phone numbers.

The recents storage should work with store-rtcom loaded and
rtcom-event-logger installed.

if you have any futher issues please run "sphone -v", make a call or
whatever and give me the log.

Dev Null <devnull@???>