:: [DNG] lpr command not working
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Author: Haines Brown
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] lpr command not working
I reinstalled a printer on a Chimaera box. The CUPS test file prints
just fine. The lpr <file.pdf) command tries but fails to send data
to the printer. Status: Processing - "Sending data to printer." Some 15
min (?) later the job does print.

A possible problem is that I cannot delete the old printer definition
from CUPS. When I go to Administration -> Printers, the status of the
old printer Idle, Accepting Jobs, Not Shared.

Under its Administration I select Delete Printer and verify that I want
it deleted. This returns the message that it has been successfully
deleted. Yet it is still listed in Administration.

A problem might be that the printer can't be deleted because it is
shared by other systems despite its status. Where can I uncheck
printer-is-shared for remote queues. Its status is Idle, Accepting
Jobs, Not Shared. The best I can do is change its status to Rejecting
Jobs. Restartintg CUPS sever did not help. The status of the printer
I'm trying to delete is Not shared. But I can't deetete it.

Haines Brown