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Author: Svante Signell
To: Martin Steigerwald, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan with usr merge?
On Fri, 2021-11-05 at 10:52 +0100, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hi!
> I migrated a Debian Buster to Devuan Chimaera by already install runit-
> init into /target during Debian installation and then switching over
> sources.list to Chimaera.
> Debian 11 defaults to usr merge. So the installed system used usr
> merge.
> I suppose Devuan is compatible and will remain compatible with that? I
> think it would be necessary as well some users may migrate from
> buster. Or one would have to find a way to undo the merge, but this I
> think is quite error prone.

Devuan defaults to non-merged-/usr as far as I know. You can always
install with merged-/usr on Devuan too using the expert install option.
(Personally I prefer non-merged-/usr remains to be the default.)

> I like to avoid breaking the server VM by undoing usr merge, even tough
> I prefer systems without usr merge. It is easy to do with systems where
> I can use a Devuan ISO for installation, but for this system I had the
> Debian Netinstall ISO and it is what it is.

You can use the dpkg-fsys-usrunmess, with a dpkg release later than or
equal to 1.20.6, see https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/MergedUsr

"For already installed systems (since dpkg 1.20.6) you can also use the
dpkg-fsys-usrunmess program to revert the breakage from these systems
(but beware that it should not be used in systemd's emergency mode)."

(I've used that script on two Debian installations successfully