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Author: Hendrik Boom
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] rdiff-backup compatibility
rdiff-bckup has changed its communication protocol between versions 1
and 2, so it is necessary to have compatible versions of rdiff-backup at
both ends of an rdiff-backup over a network, and a version 2
beowulf backport is available for rdiff for those who need to bridge
rdiff-backup between older and newer systems.

I have used the backport to achieve this network-protocol compatibility.
What I would like to know:

Has the file format for the rdiff-backup metadata changed between
versions 1 and 2 in any incompatible way?

I'm having trouble with backing up using version 2 to a version 1 backup
directory. I am wondering whether this is becuse of an incompatibility
between the backup file formats, or because the backup has become
corrupt by other means.

I would expect rdiff-backup to detect old backup formats and deal with
them, but then, I would have expected rdiff-backup to deal with old
networking protocols as well.

-- hendrik