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Author: Hendrik Boom
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] mutt and html
Until upgraded from ascii to beowulf, HTML messages were tolerable.
Either they were obvious crap, in which case I just deeted them,
or they seemed like they were worth viewing, in which case they were
usually html attachments, and I could seen the list of attachments by
typeing v and selecting the html version -- in which case it would
open for me in the chromium browser.

This stopped working after the upgrade to beowulf.

I did manage to reconfigure, telling it to use firefox-esr, but that
didn't help much. I connect to my server, the machine on which I run
mutt, using ssh -X.
So firefox on the server detects I already have a firefox browser
on my laptop and proceeds to give the job of browsing the message to
my laptop.
Makes sense, except that my laptop has no way to access the
/tmp/mutt/somethingorother.html on the server.

And I have not been able to get mutt to call chromium at all.

Any ideas?

-- hendrik