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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-10-28
# Devuan meet 2021-10-28 @20:30 UTC

Present: plasma41, rrq, Hendrik, jaromil

Regrets: LeePen, fsmithred, golinux, adam, bb|hcb

## Old Business

### rrq
* note: I've re-done the installation of foswiki on "repo" back to where
mason had it some while ago. Firewalled. It's awaiting branding, ssl,
and whichever final touches, before shifting into content building
use, and of course all that requires a sysadmin caretaker. fwiw:
foswiki is a cgi application written in perl, sitting behind an nginx
front, and all its "pages" get generated via some sort of server side
templating paradigm. The sysadmin will need to unravel its particulars
to make required branding changes.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen Sorry, I am unable to attend.

#### DAK/Amprolla
* Fixed NotAutomatic and ButAutomaticUpgrades headers in
chimaera-backports Release file (#623).
* Fixed arch:all required in Release file Architectures from Chimaera on

#### Packaging
* New version of elogind with workaround for #619 until upstream fix
becomes available.
* Other updated packages: rsyslog, reportbug, tomcat9/chimaera-security
(thanks amesser).
* Update of dbus 1.12.20-3+devuan1 in experimental. There are
significant packaging changes that need testing before building for
ceres. I would appreciate reports of success/problems.
* Update of sysvinit 3.00-2~exp1+devuan1 in experimental. As well as an
upstream patch to pidof fixing #926896, this version includes a new
package (init-compat) which uses dpkg triggers to scan for missing
initscripts and suggest replacements generated with sysd2v.sh. It is a
WIP, but I would appreciate any feedback.

#### Hendrik
* I found a few minor discrepancies between filenames in the chimaera
live desktop instructions -- the filenames for the checksums and
signatures differed between the repository and the instructions.

### Jaromil arm-files.devuan.org now has a repo of frozen chimaera
releases for Rpis, all working very well, including rpi0 1.0 with
desktop! Adam is maintaining and has signed the shasums We may or may
not want to move them to files.devuan.org?
https://arm-files.devuan.org/RaspberryPi%20Signed%20Releases/ rrq:
perhaps rename dir to RaspberryPi news are mild about the release, a
lot of appreciation for fast response after the Debian's major
release, I suspect that getting more in sync with that will gain us
even more trust. user reviews are very enthusiastic but mainstream
media is lacking, somehow seems we are the "new normal" :^) press room
overview: https://gitea.devuan.dev/jaromil/press-room

### Beer

#### `deb.devuan.org` Heard back from **onefang** only yesterday;
haven't allocated time to dive into the answer yet. Here are the work
items I suggested: 1. Bring the deb.devuan.org pool back into the
parent zone (aka "Bye bye CNAME") 2. If possible, I would see an
opportunity to semi-automate the deb.devuan.org, based on a source of
truth (the aforementioned mirror_list.txt?): a) A script would prepare
a NSD configuration file for the deb.devuan.org record somewhere on
ns1 b) Human validation would occur c) Human operator would then
approve/integrate changes manually by replacing the currently loaded
deb.devuan.org configuration file with the new one 3. The health
checked application could be moved on Devuan's infrastructure, both
for version control (git.devuan.org) if it is not there yet, and for

## New Actions

#### `deb.devuan.org` On suggestion of **rrq**, I will put **bb|hcb**
into the loop about what is to be done with DNS.