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Author: Jason Martin
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] WAY OFFTOPIC: Idiot electricians: was: Is it dead yet?

On 10/27/21 3:20 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
> True story, from more than a decade before Linus made Linux...
> 1979. I was a consumer audio repair guy at Pacific Stereo in Chicago. I
> was paid commission on every amp, receiver, turntable, tapedeck, etc
> that I repaired. No repairs, no pay.

Since the mid 1980's, I learned it pays to have a:

Electrical Receptacle Wall Plug AC Outlet Ground Tester

You can pick one up for under $20.

You can cannot always guarantee it was wired right or has not been damaged.

I have seen lot of computers, printers and etc. malfunction due
electrical outlet problems.