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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] 3D-Printed Guns: JStark, Freedom Innovator, Dead At 28
3D Gun Legend, "JStark," Famous For "FGC-9," Dead At 28-Years Old

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1GwG0mPHLw JStark Tribute: Live Free Or Die
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zabSOHd0Ag FCG-9: Come And Take It!

It's come to our attention that German magazine Der Spiegel reports
the inventor of the rapid-fire 3D-printed gun that could be entirely
printed at home has passed away.

JStark, a 28-year-old German citizen, was one of the biggest
innovators of this decade when printing weapons and gun parts at home.
He helped create Deterrence Dispensed - an online group that promotes
and distributes open-source 3D printed firearms, gun parts, and
cartridges. The group strongly supports freedom of speech applied to
computer code and blueprints.

Der Spiegel says JStark passed away on Friday of an apparent heart
attack. Foul play was ruled out, and it "appears" his death was
natural without any involvement of a third party. Along with this, the
German magazine also reported police raided his home days before.

Another top 3D-printed gun designer that goes by the Twitter handle
"CTRLPew," also confirmed the death of Stark.

    Its a sad time my friends. I can confirm the news that JStark has
passed. The drive he brought to development will be dearly missed.

    I'll not be offering any details or commentary on his passing or
the articles that were written. We are investigating some
inconsistencies. pic.twitter.com/RUmIf6xcuv
    — CTRLPew (@CtrlPew) October 9, 2021

JStark's wasn't just an at-home gun hobbyist printing weapons. He
promoted firearm ownership, freedom of speech and has been quoted in a
documentary as saying, "We want everyone to have the freedom of
speech, and the right to bear arms. If that's too politically extreme
for you ... f**k yourself."

JStark's 2020 release of the FGC-9. otherwise known as "f**k gun
control 9 mm," was made widely available across the internet in late
2020. The publication of the gun's blueprints created an online
sensation. It spurred freedom movements of millennial printers who
have revolutionized the way firearms are produced and that government
cannot and will not control them. FGC-9 emerged as a symbol of life
and freedom rather than a deadly weapon as governments worldwide
impose tyrannical measures that restrict freedoms in a post-COVID

Some in the printing community have pointed out that a young man like
himself shouldn't have had a heart attack at 28-years old and reeks of

    Im not gonna lie, a "heart attack" for a young man like him really just...
    glows. pic.twitter.com/D82HEeSLHw
    — hanz (@TacticalHanz) October 9, 2021

Keep in mind, governments around the world are freaking out about
printed guns (because they're unserialized). The Biden administration
has repeatedly warned he will "stop ghost guns."