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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-09-16
# Devuan meet 2021-09-16 @20:30 UTC

Present: golinux, LeePen, Xenguy, fsmithred, hendrik, Plasma41, rrq, UsL
(drive-by) Regrets: bb|hcb, amesser

## Old Business

### amesser
* back from holiday, will not attend
* had some deeper look into wicd source
* will be trying to setup better test env
* will need more reshaping of the code than expected

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen
* eudev 3.2.9-10 rebuilt for chimaera and beowulf-proposed-updates.
* Updated debootstrap in beowulf-proposed-updates to add support for
* Found fix for brltty braille failure noted by Greg Nowak. It is an
initscript bug, present in Debian. Requires an LSB header override for
chimaera until Debian merges the fix. Requires update of
src:debian-config-override (new binary
debian-brltty-initscript-override) and src:tasksel
(task-speech-accessibility) to fix braille in chimaera.
* Updated src:sysvinit in Debian. 3.00~beta in Debian experimental for

### golinux
* eudev collaboration underway! Started on #devuan-eudev but quickly
moved to distro-neutral #eudev on Libera. Several distros involved:
Alpine, Devuan, Gentoo, managarm, Slackware. Thanks to joerg for
setting up the logging. Relevant links:

### Xenguy

#### New `www.devuan.org` repo branch `release-beowulf2chimaera` ready
  for first review 1. The latest version of [git branch
  is available for first review in the Git Store.  Anyone wanting to
  pull down this new Chimaera branch should be able to simply:
  * `git switch release-beowulf2chimaera`
  * ^^ The `switch` command will work on any newish version of `git`.
    Once the Git Store branch is pulled to a local branch, a browser
    rendered page view can be obtained by viewing the page through a
    local web server (rrq helped me set up a newlisp web server to do
    this, some time ago now).  For reference, I created a [list of web
    pages that have been
    for the upcoming Chimaera release, which include issues or questions
    associated with each page. The modified pages are now ready for a
    first review, and I will be reaching out to the usual suspects for
    feedback (Plasma41 already provided some feedback yesterday evening
    - thank you!) 2. Reviewing the Chimaera release web pages will be
    easier to accomplish once the `release-beowulf2chimaera` branch is
    merged with the main repo and pushed to the Git Store.  I have been
    encouraged to delay this merge as long as possible, since once it is
    done all regular web site publishing is effectively frozen, until
    Chimaera is actually released.  **Question:** Does anyone on the
    team have a sense of when it would be appropriate to undertake this
    merge? 3. Once the web site pages proper have been reviewed and
    finalized, I will look more at the Chimaera documentation in the
    `documentation` repo that is still largely untouched.  Help is
    sorely needed with these documents, if anyone has time and
    inclination to pitch in.  As I have mentioned previously, I am not
    confident that I can accomplish this without some help, and in a
    scenario where this is not forthcoming, documentation that was
    present for Beowulf will simply not be present for the Chimaera

### rrq
* set up the "devuan/forum-lang" git project for "forum interface
language" authoring.

## New Actions
* Website to beta this coming weekend
* Release target 1st week of October
* Devuan 6.0 will be Excalibur (follows 5.0 Daedalus)