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Author: Bernard Rosset
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Fwd: Upcoming compatibility problem of oldstable (and older) vs. certificates from Let's Encrypt
Hello Adrian,

> The issue has been recently resolved by the LTS Team, see LTS Advisory
> DLA-2761-1 an DLA-2760-1. [1]

It seems that OpenSSL problem is merely addressed by DLA-2761-1;
DLA-2760-1 deals with another package.

>> As far as I can tell, the reported issue on Debian-LTS List is also relevant
>> for Devuan jessie, ascii and beowulf.

As far as I can tell, there is no v1.0 of OpenSSL in beowulf, as the
transition between v1.0 & v1.1 was done in stretch (ascii).

Moreover, that problem could only arise in stretch (ascii) if the TLS
certificate agent was/is running against OpenSSL v1.0 and not v1.1; if
the agent has been updated in the past 4 years, it was probably not the
case anymore... and if it wasn't updated in the past 4 years, why are
people even using that anymore? (o:

Thanks for the piece of information, though.
Bernard (Beer) Rosset