:: [DNG] New features in libnetaid
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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] New features in libnetaid
|Hi, Recently I pushed new commits to the repository of libnetaid
replacing cmake with the autotools. Another first, the addition of the
following socket:
making use of select() for the system calls. Doing this way,
simple-netaid becomes reactive to netlink events using less CPU
resource, and essentially remains sleeping until some netlink event
requires action (for instance, to update the graphical interface after
the ethernet cable has been plugged in). I joined some good ideas from
Didier's hopman:
To verify the reactive behavior of simple-netaid, first build and
install the sources of libnetaid: $ ./autogen.sh $ make $ sudo make
install The list of build dependencies is: - autoconf - automake -
libtool - gettext - intltool - libiw-dev After the installation of
libnetaid, build the following program: #include <stdio.h> #include
<stdlib.h> #include <simple-netaid/nlsock.h> int main() { for(;;) { int
rc = nlsock_monitor(); if( rc == 0) printf("Signal received\n"); }
return 0; } You need to pass the flag -lnetaid to the compiler. That is:
$ gcc monitor.c -o monitor -lnetaid Now, run the binary as root: $ sudo
./monitor and try connecting or disconnecting your ethernet cable, or
making other changes related to the network connection. Cheers, Aitor.|