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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-09-02
# Devuan meet 2021-09-02 @20:30 UTC

Present: fsr, rrq, golinux, Xenguy, amesser, bb|hcb, LeePen, plasma41,
Beer Regrets: hendrik

## Old Business

### golinux
* Continue discussion of next release name
  * (Beer) and [the associated tagline/slogan/catch
    * (gl) what is the kanban stuff?
      * (Beer) Putting items on tiles and organising them in
        collections. Might be used as a tool to sort stuff out; here

### fsmithred
* desktop-base (4.1) is fixed and in ceres.

### amesser
* got in contact with last wicd developers / project administrators
* obtained administrator access to wicd project page on launchpad.net &
* still need to clarify how to handle apt 2.3 branch for jenkins/project
  * going to update apt in ceres/unstable to current version in debian.
  * turned out that debian has a already a while ago split apt
    development into two branches:
  * starting from version 2.2.1 there is:
    * one branch towards 2.2.4 for bullseye  and
    * another towards 2.3.8 for unstable
  * I was following the 2.2.4 one to have updates for chimaera. But now
    we have unstable to follow the 2.3.8 one.
  * I can no more do a simple merge since both branches have developed
    independently of each other.
  * I believe best would be to:
    * put suites/chimaera-proposed-updates in place for 2.2.y and
    * replace suites/unstable with the 2.3.8 based branch.
  * I can not remove suites/unstable on
    https://gitea.devuan.dev/devuan/apt since it is set as default
    branch. I'd intent to change that temporarily, however, I don't have
    permission to change this setting.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen
* Temp fix for 502 error on bugs.d.o, caused by popcon log filling up
  /tmp. VM needs more disk space.
  * (Beer) 30 MiB/day seem to be generated. LeePen is checking whether
    compression was used during log rotation. Might help if it was not.

### golinux
* For bgstack15:
  is an easy way to prepare the meeting notes for email (or our now
  non-existent wiki)
  * (Xenguy) Note that this tool seems to concatenate some headings with
    the first line, even if the latter is separated from the former by a
    blank line.
    * (gl) Well it was written 4 years ago so there may be some changes
      in the pad. It used to, however, catch most of the issues and
      considerably reduce manual adjustments .

### Xenguy

#### Migrating files from repo `iso-installer` to `documentation` Took a
  look at this action item from the last meeting, and now pretty sure I
  will need assistance from rrq to get these files reorganized properly:
* Move `Release Notes` and `README` files from `installer-iso` repo to
  `documentation` repo (i.e. decision is to work on all documentation in
  the `documentation` repo, then publish finished versions elsewhere as
  * See also required CSS files.
  * Make sure to document the move, complete with links, in the
    associated commit messages

#### New `www.devuan.org` repo branch `release-beowulf2chimaera` pushed
  to Git Store I created git branch `release-beowulf2chimaera` as a
  local branch, and pushed it to the Git Store just today.  The purpose
  of doing so is to make it generally available for review (following
  the logic outlined here:
  https://magit.vc/manual/magit/The-Two-Remotes.html#The-Two-Remotes ).
  Anyone wanting to pull down this new Chimaera branch should be able to
* `git switch release-beowulf2chimaera`
* ^^ The `switch` command will work on any newish version of `git`. Once
  the branch is pulled to a local branch, a browser rendered page view
  can be obtained by viewing the page through a local web server (rrq
  helped me set up a newlisp web server to do this, some time ago now).
  For reference, I created a [list of web pages that have been
  for the upcoming Chimaera release. The modified pages are ***almost***
  ready for a first review, and I will be reaching out to the usual
  suspects when that time arrives.
  * (Beer) `git clone -b release-beowulf2chimaera
    git@???:devuan/www.devuan.org.git` should work for anyone
    never having pulled the repository before Alternatively, if already
    in a local git repository, merely issue `git checkout
    release-beowulf2chimaera` (it will automatically discover and pull
    the branch from the main origin if no branch with that name already
    exists locally) Those commands work in any version of `git` As a
    last piece of advice, it _might_ be seen better to make personal
    branches on forks, which are the way to experience the full power of
    decentralised, collaborative work (as Git intends to allow): 1.
    Issue a fork to a personal group in the repository management system
    Gitea (my fork of `devuan/www.devuan.org` is `Beer/www.devuan.org`)
    2. Make/Delete all the branches you wish on your clone 3. Issue Pull
    Requests directly from your fork (cf. example on [`PR

### amesser
* basic review of current wicd source code / project
  * will need some time to improve structure of python code
  * contains init script templates for various distributions. It's not
    the task of a software to know about distributions. Maybe just have
    one example script per init system.

### plasma41
* A version of udev from Debian Buster is "leaking" into Devuan Beowulf
by way of beowulf-proposed-updates. This has the potential to break
things by resulting in Debian's udev being installed, thus preventing
Devuan's udev transition package from installing Beowulf's eudev and
generally resulting in weird breakages. Ideally (a magical word, am I
right?) amprolla shouldn't merge in packages from Debian
-proposed-updates suites when the package is forked in the base Devuan

## New Actions
* move desktop-base 4.1 to chimaera
* (Beer) Got in touch with people on the #guix Libera.Chat channel, here
is a transcript: > **Beer** Oy. Have you heard about eudev maintenace
retirement by Gentoo due 2022-01-01?
> > [...] > > **civodul** Beer: argh, thanks for the pointer! if

that's fine with you, please raise it on guix-devel@??? so we can
discuss what to do next > > [...] > > **roptat** civodul, Beer
discussion starts here for LFS: