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Author: hal
To: dvalin, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Awkishness [Was: Re: Steam, Mumble, Valheim, Alsa and shared audio

On 8/24/21 00:25, dvalin@??? wrote:
>   I hope that interests someone. It's not often that an opportunity
>   to espouse the original text Swiss army knife presents itself.

It is, thanks for the awk info!

I first encountered awk on Solaris in the late 90s in a mixed environment of Linux, AIX and Solaris. I believe this is where the tic in my left eyelid comes from. Trying to keep scripts portable between those three systems tuned my shell-fu in ways which are not efficient. I'm afraid my bad habits are still there but I *will* take credit for getting out of the habit of piping cats :D