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Author: Klaus Ethgen
To: 603
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#603: There is some facts from planet.debian

there are some facts from planet.debian:
Mystical secrets of the bookworm

# unmerged /usr is unsupported in bookworm and sid has been feeding bookworm since 2021-08-14,

unmerged /usr is also unsupported in sid since 2021-08-14,

no one using any portion of either bookworm or sid since 2021-08-14 should have any expectation that things should function correctly with unmerged /usr ,

# anyone using any portion of either bookworm or sid should execute apt install usrmerge or perform its equivalent on or prior to 2021-08-14.
Posted on 2021-08-23
Tags: ranticore

... that shows they wittingly destroy all use cases that are not in sync
with systemd thinking.

Poettering do not understand why a seperated /usr makes sense so he and
his community wittingly oposed for his broken usrmerge.

So there might be more breaking changes coming up for no special reason
except to destroy compatibility to the rest of the world.

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