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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-08-26
# Devuan meet 2021-08-26 @20:30 UTC

Present: Xenguy, golinux, plasma41, Hendrik, fsr, rrq, amesser, mason,
Beer (later)

## Old Business

### hendrik
* The package conflict I had trouble with is not present in ascii,
  beowulf, or chimaera.  I seem to have had an old version of one of the
  packages lying around and that didn't have conflicts registered
  against it.
* there turns out to be wicd-related packages in Debian experimental,
  with dependencies on python3 instead of python:any.  Will continue to
  investigate.  Will have to learn how to install and uninstall packages
  form experimental on Devuan.
  * (gl) sources.list info for experimental is here:
  * (gl) perhaps this is a solution for wicd in Chimaera?
  * (Xenguy) Don't quote me, but isn't the most recent git activity in
    that repo like 2 years ago or something?  (Or maybe I'm confusing it
    with something else).
  * (gl) UPDATE! Since jaromil sent me an email this morning, I asked
    him if he knows someone who could upgrade wicd to python3 and
    suggested that Devuan fund the project. We certainly have the
    resources to be able to do that.
  * (fsr) apt -t experimental install wicd (and any other parts of it)
    And you'll find that it mostly does not work. I got wicd-curses to
    run and connect to ethernet. Then I went back to the beowulf version
    of wicd for a few days, and then I removed it when I found that the
    Preferences screen would not open.
  * (amesser) I would be up to do this - no need to fund me :-)
    * (gl) Fantastic!

### golinux
  * Continued discussion of name choice for Devuan 6.0 to follow
    Daedalus. Beer's comments on last week's pad convinced us that
    Enterprise would offer an excellent opportunity to revisit Devuan's
    first steps all those years ago. The subject is also rife with
    material for "interesting" commentary. Would be quite a lot of fun
    to play with . . .

## Old Actions

## New Business
* (hendrik) The link to the FAQ in he Getting Started section on the pad
  does not work for me.  Unless, of course, it's intended to be empty.
  * (gl) I'm lost.  link please.
  * (onefang) Like me you probably closed that Getting Started section
    of the pad long ago.  It doesn't come back unless you clear the
    * (gl) Ahhh . . . that would be a default cryptpad setting.  Has
      nothing to do with Devuan. I clicked once and never saw it again .
      . .

### golinux
* From jaromil . . . two eudev replacement suggestions to look at:
* This in an email from Noel Torres (Envite): I have created a small
setup to transform Debian machines Out of the Box to Devuan machines
in the well-known provider
* I am going to move the notes for "Theming a Devuan Release"
https://pad.dyne.org/code/#/2/code/edit/WXAObGKwgGz1WFQyYKskK4QA/ to
where it can be developed and fussed with further.

### amesser
* Need to update to update *apt* in ceres/unstable to same version as in
  * Turned out that apt development was split after 2.2.1 it two
    independent branches:
    * "2.2.y" for bullseye
    * "main" ( towards 2.3.8) for unstable
  * I have made "suites/unstable" branch on gitea to follow the 2.2.y
    one in order to get updates for chimaera through Jenkins "unstable"
  * Nowadays "suites/unstable" branch would need to follow "main" branch
    of Debian again
  * a simple merge of "main" into "suites/unstable" not possible since
    branches developed into two directions
  * my plan:
    * let "suites/chimaera-proposed-updates" follow the "2.2.y" from
    * replace existing "suites/unstable" with branch based on "main"
      from Debian
  * I can not replace "suites/unstable" on gitea since its the "default
    branch" and I don't have permission to temporarily change this.

### Xenguy
* New HTTP and HTTPS mirror from Taiwan added to
  https://www.devuan.org/get-devuan.html (new entries at bottom of each
* New/local Chimaera git branch for updated web site pages will soon be
  ready to merge, and publish to Dev for review.  Once done, publishing
  new content to the web site will be effectively frozen until Chimaera
  is officially released.  This appears to be the main method by which
  review on new pages can be conducted by multiple persons.
  * The only other method that might work would be for me to push the
    local branch to the Git Store, and those who wish to review could
    pull that, and then preview the changed Chimaera pages locally.
  * Question: If the new financial report shows up, is it acceptable to
    delay publication until Chimaera is released?
    *(gl) Only the yearly reports are published on www
* For Charlie Watts, RIP:  https://yewtu.be/CL614PU-EQE

### plasma41
* Happy 30th Birthday for Linux!

## New Actions
* To do before chimaera release?
  * fix desktop-base (desktop background gets lost)
  * http://bugs.devuan.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=598
  * Chimaera documentation
* Move `Release Notes` and `README` files from `installer-iso` repo to
  `documentation` repo (i.e. decision is to work on all documentation in
  the `documentation` repo, then publish finished versions elsewhere as
  * See also required CSS files.
  * Make sure to document the move, complete with links, in the
    associated commit messages

### mason
* Checking the new Chimaera BIND to verify that logging isn't broken
  * noted report that suggests Debian might have moved it to
    journalctl-only - will verify