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Author: Hannah Rittich
To: Mark Hindley
CC: 594
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#594: plasma-workspace: KRunner starts programs in the filesystem root

> If even then it is still not present on the clean bullseye
> sysvinit install, I suspect a configuration change on the Devuan
> system. AFAIK all the relevant packages are the same between
> chimaera and bullseye.

it seems that I cannot change the init system on Bullseye to reproduce
the error, because if I try to install sysvinit-core, apt wants to
remove the plasma-workspace package.

Is there something I can try, to reproduce the problem on Debian? Shall
I still report to Debian's BTS while stating it can only be reproduced
on Devuan?

I have done some further investigation. If you start krunner on
Bullseye, the krunner process is owned by "/lib/systemd/systemd --user"
and the working directory is my home directory. On Chimaera, krunner is
owned by init and the working directory is the file-system root.

As a workaround I have created a wrapper script, which launches krunner
in the user's home directory. Executing the following fixes the problem.

     mv /usr/bin/krunner /usr/bin/krunner.orig
     cat > /usr/bin/krunner << EOS
     cd "\$HOME"
     exec /usr/bin/krunner.orig "$@"
     chmod a+x /usr/bin/krunner

(Note, to reproduce the error, I have also installed a fresh version of
Chimaera into a VM.)