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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-07-15
# Devuan meet 2021-07-15 @20:30 UTC

Present: LeePen, Xenguy, golinux, bgstack15, rrq, Hendrik, fsr,

## Old Business

### Beowulf proposed-updates What is the situation WRT cryptdisks
shutdown delay? Is the beowulf fix missing or non-functional?
* (fsr) cryptsetup-modified-functions is in beowulf main

### Packaging Guide policy on libsystemd0 LeePen and Mason suggest the
  following > Devuan policy is not to fork a package solely to remove
  systemd unit files or libsystemd0 dependency. Devuan welcomes such
  contributions from those who are willing to fork and maintain a
  package and keep it up to date with the Debian versions on an on-going
  basis. Forked packages that require logind functionality should be
  built using libelogind-dev.
  * (gl) Eventually all forked packages will need replacement
    maintainers because nothing is forever. For that reason alone,
    shouldn't forked packages be kept to a minimum? IOW, Shouldn't we
    only fork those that are absolutely necessary? (LeePen) I think that
    is already the case. We have also discussed a paragraph stating how
    closely aligned Devuan and Debian packages should be. > Devuan
    policy is to stay as close to Debian as possible in terms of what
    packages are available and how they are configured. Given a
    commitment of time and work, we will accept uniquely-named packages
    that deviate from Debian's configuration choices, on a case by case
    basis, as long as they list appropriate conflicts and services
    offered so as to be good citizens.
  * (gl) Another rat's nest IMO (LeePen) So let's make a decision on it
    and clarify a position.
* Is this necessary?
* Do we want to commit to being so closely aligned to Debian. Mason is
  of the opinion that such alignment has been suggested here before.
  LeePen is unaware of such statements.
  * (gl) iiuc, devuan has always aimed to do only what is absolutely
    necessary and just to be debian without systemd.  Nothing more.
    Nothing less. Let's not lose focus and spin off the cliff!
    Derivatives are a good place for experimentation and to develop new
    * Please refresh your memory about Devuan's vision by reading the
      first announcement of the Debian Fork that was sent to the DNG
      mailing list on November, 27, 2014:
      https://beta.devuan.org/os/announce/ ". . . our primary goal here
      will be a clean removal of systemd and its dependencies,
      rebuilding and patching packages when necessary."
  * (fsr) "debian without systemd" That's been the core since day 1.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen
* With rrq, updated net-retriever to fix keyring used for gpg
* Updated tasksel to fix [#590](https://bugs.devuan.org/590)
* Updated debian-installer (mini isos) to add deepsea theming and pick
up new net-retriever udeb

### Xenguy
* [x] Renamed a couple of images to more generic filenames, and
  search/replaced HTML files to match:
  * `devuan-logo-cbar.png` -> `devuan-logo.png`
  * `rounded-cbar-square.png` -> `rounded-square.png`
* [x] Created a new Chimaera git branch to store the new images and CSS
  files.  This branch will be merged when Chimaera is officially
**Still to do: (Xenguy and golinux)**
* [ ] Modify [Buster to Beowulf
  to include:
  * A general disclaimer about these instructions?
    * Current migration guide appears to target desktop systems; on
      headless and remote systems, a reboot breaks the system (e.g. ssh
      doesn't start).
    * Jaromil also mentioned an "infamous bug": `error: symbol
      'grub_register_command_lockdown' not found`.
  * Links to [tito's](https://git.devuan.org/farmatito/migration) and
    [rrq's](https://git.devuan.org/rrq/buster-to-devuan) migration

### fsmithred
* Install with speech-synth works. I can make a live iso with
refractasnapshot that will work in qemu, but booting hardware from
live-usb fails with alsa error.

## New Actions
* Update install instructions (Xenguy, golinux, fsr)