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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-07-08
# Devuan meet 2021-07-08 @20:30 UTC

Present: Xenguy, golinux, jaromil, LeePen, mason, plasma41, Hendrik,
Adam, fsmithred

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### bgstack15
* LeePen reminded me to fix up src:freeipa for Chimaera, because it has
a dependency for librpm8 which is now replaced with librpm9.
* I still need to research if we can salvage 389-ds which builds a
cockpit-389-ds which might be required for basic 389-ds operations and
which unfortunately depends on systemd. (LeePen) forked cockpit-389-ds
is now uninstallable since cockpit itself is removed. The 389-ds
metapackage is also therefore uninstallable. Both should be removed.
If 389-ds-base is useful on its own it could be kept.

### fsmithred
* Tested July 05 amd64 netinstall iso. Error message "can't find
pkgmaster.devuan.org" even though I picked deb.devuan.org. Continue
and it works. (Not new) (LeePen) This seems to come from apt-setup
udeb which is trying to setup chimaera security (which is currently
unavailable). There also seems to be a separate debconf security_host.
I have now setup chimaera-security, in dak and amprolla. Does that
make any difference?

### LeePen

#### Packaging updates
* distro-info-data
* Now no outstanding delta from Debian in jenkins-debian-glue, so
separated jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-devuan into a separate source
so jenkins-debian-glue can be unforked.
* Merged Debian's update of tasksel and included new fix for #496. This
required new configuration override for speech-dispatcher
(devuan-speech-dispatcher-config-override) which is recommended
alongside each orca recommendedation.
* New versions of rsyslog in ceres and beowulf-proposed-updates without
libsystemd0 dependency. Thanks plasma41 for the suggestion. [Also see

#### beowulf-proposed-updates Contains 2 packages:-
* new build of rsyslog (8.1901.0-1+devuan4)
* eudev (3.2.9-9~beowulf1) from 21st March 2021
*(fsr) Please add clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar-theme 7.0.1-5 Is it time to
release them to beowulf? Does it warrant a point release?

#### Amprolla Deployed updates implementing recursive banned
dependencies, per-release architectures and removal of cruft
architectures and Contents files. Additional changes in logging
* Dependencies on libsystemd0 are now only logged in libsystemd.txt for
**unbanned** packages.
* Warnings now logged to amprolla.txt about libsystemd0 dependencies in
forked packages. [Also see below]
* Warnings now logged to amprolla.txt about forked packages with banned
dependencies. Discovered obsolete source and package versions in ascii
and jessie repositories which have been fixed in dak.
* (fsr) udev 247.3-5~bpo10+2 is showing up in beowulf-backport. This
does not look like one of ours.

#### Policy on libsystemd0 Both the amprolla updates and new rsyslog
  packages above made me realise that we might require greater clarity
  in our policy on libsystemd0. There was already a short paragraph on
  this in the Maintainer's Guide. Perhaps this should be expanded and
  clarified? My suggested starting point in branch
  * (mason) will work with LeePen on some wording Please note, I am not
    trying to dictate what the policy should be, just give us a starting
    point to agree a wording before the publication:
* (mason) Are we suggesting that we don't want packages forked to drop
  libsystemd0, or just that we only insist on forking things with deeper
  dependencies? The wording seems like it wants to change.

### golinux
* Have started to document the process for theming a Devuan release:

### Xenguy

#### Chimaera themes
* golinux has created new images and CSS, with the new Chimaera colors.
* The new CSS has been tested and works great (a text alignment issue
  was also fixed in the process).
* Todo:
  * [ ] Create a new Chimaera git branch to store the new images and CSS
    files.  This branch will be merged when Chimaera is officially
    * (gl) That should probably be created in your account space. Then
      merge from there to beta as the chimaera release approaches.
      * Aye.
  * [ ] Meanwhile, rename a couple of images to more generic filenames:
    * `devuan-logo-cbar.png` -> `devuan-logo.png`
    * `rounded-cbar-square.png` -> `rounded-square.png`

#### rrq's remote upgrade script:

#### Tito's migration scripts
* In last week's meeting notes rrq had the following note:
  * "post announcement to test buster to beowulf migration instructions.
    tito's migration script?  When it's sorted"
  * to which Tito responded on the devuan-dev mailing list:
    * "There was no feedback about the script and no issues reported. I
      have no more live boxes to test and vm's are a little boring after
      a while. I'm waiting for next Debian release for a new version
      when high season is over."
  * **Question:** Does anyone know the status of these scripts, and any
    testing that's been done? Just wondering if perhaps they should be
    mentioned on the web site, or is it too soon?
    * (gl) There was a long thread on dng at the time the script was
    * (gl) Other options need to be added to the www documentation with
      appropriate disclaimers.

### Jaromil
* problem upgrading grub in Beowulf, left it unusable because of the
  infamous bug: `error: symbol 'grub_register_command_lockdown' not
  found` well visible over debian bugs, ubuntu and mint fora
  * (mason) I hit a different one and resolved it with a fresh grub
    install, but it'd be worth understanding it more deeply
* problem with dev1fanboy current guide to upgrade which is only
  targeted to desktop on reboot it breaks any server that is headless
  and remote: ssh doesn't starts
  * dev1fanboy has disappeared. the broken instruction

### mason
* It's worth revisiting cryptdisks-functions patching - default Beowulf
still suffers from shutdown timeouts

## New Actions
* start reviewing/rewriting release notes for chimaera. Pad to do that
is here:
* test rrq's script: https://git.devuan.org/rrq/buster-to-devuan
* include new migration options on www documentation (Xenguy and