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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: Tom Rini, Ivaylo Dimitrov
CC: Pali Rohár, maemo-leste, u-boot
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] [PATCH] arm: Remove nokia_rx51 board
Hi Tom,

On 16/06/2021 19:37, Tom Rini wrote:

>>>>> Fixing those requires enabling of OF_CONTROL and this in turn means the
>>>>> board must be migrated to DT, unless I am missing something. That's why my
>>>>> "please advice..." stance.
>>>> Please post the patches that bring you to the above link errors, yes,
>>>> thanks.
>>> To be clearer, finish up a patch that completes the migration but is too
>>> large to install on the hardware so that others can take a look.
>> I am not sure I understand that - a patch that completes the migration to
>> DM_USB cannot be done ATM as the binary does not link without OF_CONTROL.
>> And I am not going to enable OF_CONTROL as this means I will have to migrate
>> everything to DT. That's why I enable DM_USB only - see reply to the other
>> mail.
> My advise is to provide a linkable but not runnable (or, only runnable
> in QEMU, the problem is the fixed layout of the actual device flash,
> right?) patch so that we can figure out how and what needs to be tuned
> where so that we can see what to do about this platform.

It looks to me that there are at least two problems:

* Size of the produced u-boot with additional features could be too large
* Porting RX51 to DM_USB seemingly also requires porting RX51 to
device-tree (since OF_CONTROL is required), adding additional complications.

When you ask for patches, are you asking for patches that just enable
DM_USB and stub functions to make the linking succeed (although it
clearly won't result in a functional u-boot), or are you asking for
patches that enable DM_USB and OF_CONTROL, and also port the device to
device tree? To me it seems like you meant the former, but I'd like to

Also, I believe Ivaylo and Pali are wondering if porting to DTS is a
hard requirement for porting to DM_USB (since OF_CONTROL would be required)?