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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-05-20
# Devuan meet 2021-05-20 @20:30 UTC

Present: Adam, LeePen, Xenguy, Fsmithred, bgstack15, mason, golinux,
rrq, Rick, plasma41, Hendrik, tuxd3v

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### Xenguy

#### The Freenode Implode
**IRC alternatives:**
* [libera.chat](https://libera.chat/)?
  * (mason) Parazyd has already registered channels here in case we go
    this way. Currently suffering under the load of folks migrating
    * (Xenguy) Excellent. I imagine it will take some time for this new
      IRC space and their servers to stabilize, especially if a lot of
      Freenode users are migrating over.
    * (joerg/docscrutinizer) seems libera.chat is already stable (no
      more suffering from load) and all devuan irc channels registered
      and assigned to parazyd. It's the natural destination for a move,
      literally *all* freenode staff except Andrew moved there and they
      basically cloned freenode, so it's not really a true move at all.
      Alas the freenode user database wasn't cloned for obvious reasons,
      which means you need to register your nickname again. Parazyd and
      me will do our best to duplicate all topics, ACL records for
      chanops etc asap
* [oftc.net](https://www.oftc.net)?
  * (mason) Debian is there now. Long, stable history.
* https://blog.bofh.it/debian/id_461
* https://www.kline.sh/
* https://gist.github.com/shadowcat-mst/998cea12794768bdb3da2daeff31baad
**My 2 cents:**
* Stick with IRC for now:  this is no time for further fragmentation due
  to discussions of changing protocols.
* My preference is to have a look at `libera.chat`, as this is where
  most of the (ex-)Freenode staff are going. OFTC is another option, but
  not sure about the relations between it and Debian, and potential
  implications. Note that Freenode users number approximately 90,000, as
  compared to 13,000 or so on OFTC.
  * (onefang) I'll add my 2 cents to Xenguy's.  Seems the sensible move.
     Still not sure about libera.chat vs oftc.net (why the hell does no
    one give the entire name, everyone else seems to assume everyone
    knows what OFTC is).
    * On libera.chat and oftc.net, between us, we own or are squatting
      on the following channels - #devuan #devuan-dev #devuan-www
      #devuan-arm #devuan-wiki #devuan-offtopic and #debianfork.
      libera.chat seems to be the most popular that people have moved to
      already for those channels.
**Removing Freenode Account:** "But if you'd still like to remove your
  data from the Freenode network, there's 3 easy steps you can take:"
  ``` /msg nickserv set password <password> (to overwrite your password)
  /msg nickserv set email <address> (to reset your email address. You'll
  have to validate the new one before it's accepted.) /msg nickserv drop
  <account name> <password> (Drop your account.) ```

#### IRC Migration Checklist
**1. IRC channels to be created:**
  * [ ] Our web site [Community
    page](https://www.devuan.org/os/community.html) references the
    following IRC channels:
    * [x] #devuan
    * [x] #devuan-dev
    * [x] #devuan-arm
    * [x] #devuan-offtopic
    * [x] #devuan-www
    * [x] #devuan-wiki
    * [x] #devuan-news
    * [x] #devuan-art
    * [x] #devuan-es
    * [ ] #devuan-br
    * [ ] #devuan-fr
    * [ ] #devuan-pl
    * **Others?**
      * [x] #devuan-ci
      * [x] additional channels for administration
**2. IRC logging to be setup:**
  * [ ] The following IRC channels are currently publicly archived:
    * [ ] [#devuan](https://maemo.cloud-7.de/irclogs/freenode/_devuan/)
    * [ ]
    * **Others?**
    * (joerg/docscrutinizer) those are on my server and I'm going to
      take care when move to libera.chat. I can't promise anything in
      case we move to any other network since I have no accounts on
      those other networks most likely
**3. Web site pages to update:**
  * [ ] The following web site pages need to be updated when we migrate
    IRC (excludes past announcement pages):
    * [ ] [Operating System
    * [ ] [Devuan Community](https://www.devuan.org/os/community.html)
    * [ ] [Development](https://www.devuan.org/os/development.html)
    * [ ] [Contact Information](https://www.devuan.org/os/contact.html)
**4. Other communication required:**
  * [ ] Mailing lists?
  * [ ] Forum?
  * **Others?**
  * (mason) parazyd might want to set forwarding messages in topics for
    the various channels
    * follow-up, DocScrutinizer has this in progress

### LeePen

#### Amprolla
* Deployment updated to verify sha256 hashes of downloaded files.
* Testing patches to cache DNS so a single IP is used for the entire run
and also to use Acquire-By-Hash url for downloading from upstream.

#### Packaging
* Updated udisks2, base-files, procps and seatd in Ceres/chimaera
* Uploaded seatd to Debian. Waiting in NEW.
* Have working resolution of [#496](https://bugs.devuan.org/496) with a
speech-dispatcher config override and dependency package (conflicts
pulseaudio). Needs incorporating into the installer and/or tasksel.

### onefang
* Apart from the Freenode explosion, I have several other crisis and
other things to deal with over the next few days. So I can't turn up
to this meeting, though I want to help out with the Freenode
replacement stuff.
* ~~One of those crises involves me transferring my domains coz the
exsiting domain company is closing down. sledjhamr.org may be
unavailable for a time during the transfer, and that one is the least
of my domain troubles.~~ Should be fully transferred now, if not it's
just slow propagation to your part of the world.

## New Actions
* Devuan has decided to move our main IRC presence to irc.libera.chat
* (Xenguy) Update web pages.
* (golinux) coordinate with parazyd
* Down with TWiki! Up with MoinMoin, perhaps.