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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [DNG] Hopman (Was: ..are we|Devuan safe from this systemd backdoor malware (...)?
Le 02/05/2021 à 21:09, aitor a écrit :
> Hi Didier,
> On 1/5/21 17:11, Didier Kryn wrote:
>>     Gvfs is not expected to be installed on servers, but is required by
>> some desktop goodies - even in Xfce4, for example if you install the
>> tool to mount/unmount hotplug disks; it is primarily to avoid it that I
>> developped hopman.
> As i announced, i'm continuing your Hopman project and today i pushed
> the code of the new interface in Gtkmm-2.4,
> keeping yours the same original folder GTK2. The code is available at:
> https://gitea.devuan.dev/aitor_czr/hopman/src/branch/master/hopman-1.0/gtkmm
> <https://gitea.devuan.dev/aitor_czr/hopman/src/branch/master/hopman-1.0/gtkmm>
> There have been some changes in the watch directory too. For example,
> the original C code didn't manage removable
> sata, ssd... hard disks connected via usb, because the integer
> storaged in the corresponding "removable" file [*] was equal to "0"
> in such cases. On the other hand, trying to figure out how to get the
> hotplug partitioning data in the most efficient way,
> i ended up involved in the helpers of vdev (stat_usb.* and common.*
> files in  the watch directory):
> https://gitea.devuan.dev/aitor_czr/hopman/src/branch/master/hopman-1.0/watch
> <https://gitea.devuan.dev/aitor_czr/hopman/src/branch/master/hopman-1.0/watch>
> I had wanted to upload the packages of hopman throughout the past
> week, but i've had issues related to some, already resolved,
> GdkMouseEvents. Therefore, they'll be available as soon as posible.
> Cheers,
> Aitor.
> [*] Have a look at the lines nº 25-30 of hotplug_partition.c:
> https://gitea.devuan.dev/aitor_czr/hopman/src/branch/master/hopman-1.0/watch/hotplug_partition.c
> <https://gitea.devuan.dev/aitor_czr/hopman/src/branch/master/hopman-1.0/watch/hotplug_partition.c>

    Hi Aitor.

    I'm very happy that you cath up on Hopman. I initially made it for
my needs and the community and as a proof of concept. Then I became too
ambitious and I didn't succeed to properly organize internationalization
files and I got discouraged. Yet the tool is working and it is my only
installed tool to mount hotplug USB disks.

    The first method I considered to determine which device was
hotpluggable was a config file made of a list of regular expressions to
match the device file names, such as "sd[c-f]*", untill I found that
kernel tag. Then I discovered, like you, that it only tagged USB
devices. But I sticked with the kernel tag by lazzyness and beause I
could live with it (I use an USB-SDcard adapter).

    There is still a bug in a function in subdir watch, which I have
narrowed down to a logic error in the handling of multiple inotify
events in one buffer. This happens typically the first time a loop
device is mounted, because the driver then creates all loop devices at
once and the corresponding inotify events are small enough that more
than one can fit in the buffer; then hopman enters an endless loop.
Maybe I will dedicate time to repair it some day (~:

--     Didier